So I got a request on how to strengthen the back when you can’t do sit ups due to degenerative disc disease. So, in response, I would suggest that there are 2 things to keep in mind. First; we need to keep as much flexibility and range of motion as is possible in the lumbar and thoracic spine as well as in the hips. Second; we need to stabilize these areas. This order is important. There is no sense in strengthening something that can’t move.Since there isn’t enough room here to list everything you could to to improve your pain. I suggest you go to my YouTube page, IKNOWKRUPAR (all 1 word) and perform the following exercises from the playlists:Lower extremity playlist: Prone quad stretchSupine hamstring stretchSupine hip internal rotation stretch (go slowly with this)Seated piriformis stretchThomas StretchFrom the Thoracic spine playlist:Thoracic extension over towel rollSeated thoracic extensionFrom the Lumbar Spine playlist:Press up extension in lyingLumbar rollI know this seems like a lot, but getting better, relieving pain takes time and effort. But I can assure you that if you perform these exercises daily for 30 days, you will be more flexible/have more range of motion and less pain. THEN, you will be ready to start strengthening. I will post strengthening exercises next week that you can perform once you’ve regained that mobility.Good luck, work diligently and don’t give up.